Monday, August 17, 2009

Dog Weekend

For some reason, this weekend seemed to be all about dogs. Saturday was the annual Pooch Plunge where dogs get to swim at the aquatic center. Maddie claimed that she really wanted to go with me but I knew better. Even though she won't admit it, she is so scared of dogs. She seems to really like them in movies and pictures but when you get one up close to her she freaks out. We rented the movie Marley and Me and watched it for her rest time on Saturday. What a sad movie. That's exactly why I wouldn't want a dog.

Yesterday we were outside playing in the backyard and we hear a little dog barking. We looked over and noticed it was our new neighbor's weenie dog that just moved in. It is a red short-haired just like Sadie. Of course we walked over there to talk to her but she was not very friendly. Maddie asked me what her name was and I told her she could give her a name so she decided to name her "Banana Sprinkles." They also have another little dog that was not a weenie and Maddie gave her the name "Sparkle Diamond." Now I'm afraid to ask what their real names are because they will always be Banana Sprinkles and Sparkle Diamond to Maddie, just ask Katie who has a new baby girl that will always be "Bella" to Maddie.

Yesterday we decided to walk to Village school. We were just walking along when all of a sudden I look down and their is a little red long-haired weenie dog at our feet. The cutest and friendliest little thing. Never once barked or anything. Matt and I noticed it and before I could tell the girls, it came running up to their feet in front of the stroller. Next, the funniest thing ever happened and I really wish there would have been a hidden camera on the girls because it could have definitely won us first prize. First, Kynzie sees the dog and just kind of looked at it, no big deal. Then, Maddie noticed the dog and SCREAMS bloody murder. Kynzie then, looks at Maddie and SCREAMS bloody murder. Then Matt and I look at each other and just crack up. Kynzie was not afraid of the dog at all until she saw that Maddie was. Maddie was so embarrased and imediately said, "well, I'm alergic." Yeah, like that's why she screamed so loud. She was really embarrased.

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