Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July

I painted Kynzie's little fingernails red white and blue!

This was a fun 4th because it was the first year that I think our girls really enjoyed it and the fireworks. We went to the parade at noon and then had a picnic lunch at the park. That evening we went over to some friends house that had the PERFECT view of the city's firework show. I was little nervous as to how the girls would do with them. I was so proud of them, they both did really well. They weren't scared at all. I thought we would have to hold them in our lap during the show but Maddie was off playing with her friend the whole time and they really didn't phase her. McKynzie sat in my lap the whole time but not because whe was scared. I think she was getting sick. She felt really warm and ended up running a temperature all day on Sunday. Anyways, they did excellent with the fireworks and when we got home that night we even popped off more in our driveway.

This is Maddie watching fireworks in our driveway at about midnight when we got home from our friends house. The ONE night of the year we let her stay up late.

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