Monday, July 6, 2009

Katie's Baby Shower

We had a fun time last weekend. The girls and I made the long trip alone again. They did really great in the van this time. No crying during either trip. They really are getting older and starting to travel much better. It was good seeing everyone. We stayed with Coco and Grandma Brenda on Friday night and then went to Kadie's shower on Saturday. Maddie was sooo excited for the "shower" of Katie's that we were going to. I kept wondering what she really thought was going to happen at this "shower." Well.... we got there and she had to go potty so I took her into the bathroom and while we were in there we heard a noise that sounded like running water. All of a sudden, Maddie got really excited and said "Momma, is THAT Katie's shower?" Ha ha, it was so cute. Kids are so literal.

After the shower we headed for Grandma Debbie's and Grandpa Joe's house. We pulled in to a huge surprise. Aunt Tammy and Uncle Monty had borrowed a huge water slide from some friends and had it all set up for the girls. I wish I would have had my camera to see their faces and to take pictures of Maddie going down it. It took Maddie about 5 mins. to go get her swimsuit on and get back outside to go down the slide! I'd say she went about 50 times before she got too cold and it started raining on us. Kynzie was perfectly happy to just splash around in the baby pool. Hunter came over and joined the girls for the evening.

Sunday we visited Grandma and Grandpa Castaneda and ate some fried chicken at the club. We headed back for Emporia around 2 pm and had a perfect ride home.

Oh yeah for those of you who knew, Matt stayed home because he was showing our house for the second time to a couple who was really interested in buying it. They ended up loving it and making an offer on it the next day but it was just too low. They are trying to downsize in price from the house they are in now and our house was at the top of their price range. They just couldn't come up anymore and we won't go down on ours anymore so it looks like we won't be moving. We are okay with that though.

On Tuesday, Matt was offered that online teaching position that he applied for. He has had to go through 3 grueling phone interviews (he hates talking on the phone). And on Tuesday the principal called and offered him the position. He will still keep his current job here at the Middle School. This will just be a supplemental job that is all online. This will mean quite a bit more money for us so it will be nice to have the extra money each month. :)

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