Monday, July 20, 2009

Big Girl Bed

This weekend, we decided to make the transition from crib to big girl bed for Kynzie. We did this for Maddie when she turned 2 as well. We decided to do it a couple weeks before her birthday because if we end up moving, it is going to be on her birthday and we didn't want to try and transition her to a new bed and new house all at once. We went to Topeka on Saturday and picked one out.... somehow managed to stuff it in the van and brought it back to Emporia. We decided to take the safety rail off of Maddie's bed and give it to Kynzie. We figured Maddie was big enough now that we didn't need to keep that on her bed and this would also save us from buying another one. Matt got the crib all taken down and the new bed up successfully. We have ordered her a new butterfly comforter and sheet set but they are not in yet so we just put Maddie's old Dora ones on there for now. Like Matt said, Kynzie will probably be dissappointed when we take the Dora ones off and put her new ones on. Now it was time to surprise Kynzie with her new bed. I didn't get any pictures of her reaction because we were recording her on DVD. Her reaction was priceless though and extremely similar to Maddie's when she got her big girl bed. She walked in, saw it, sprinted to it, took one leap and rolled on it and then went nuts flopping around on it for about 2 minutes straight. When it was time for bed, we just did the same thing that we do every night and she laid her little head on the pillow and I don't think she ever moved. And.... the best part was, she slept in until 9:00 am the next morning. when I went in her room in the morning to get her up, this is how I found her.'s the second part to this story. That night after we had all went to bed, it was about 1:30 am and I hear a THUD upstairs and it was immediately followed by the pitter patter of footsteps all the way down the stairs and into our room followed by Maddie's voice saying, "can I sleep with you guys tonight." I was too tired to ask questions and just rolled over and let her in. The next morning it all came out why she had made her way down to our room. She fell out of the bed! Oops! So, I made a trip to Wal Mart yesterday for another safety rail. Turns out, Maddie is too crazy of a sleeper to be without a safety rail on her bed. So, overall the big girl bed was a good experience. It's so cute to see Kynzie sleeping in her new bed. She looks so little in that big "twin" bed. I can't believe both our girls are in real beds now.

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