Friday, July 24, 2009

House Update

Well, another house update. What a rollercoaster ride this whole thing has been. It does not look like we will be moving after all. The appraisal on our house was fine but the appraisal on the house that we were buying did not appraise for what we needed it to. It is confusing to understand but the just of it is, we will not be moving. Surprisingly Matt and I are not sad about this. I actually felt a bit of relief. We were really taking on a lot of stress lately with everything and this really does make things much more simple now. And, like Matt said, it's not like we are living in a dump :) We do like our house and the location and it will be nice to have the extra money each month. So...... that's that. Onward and Upward... next big event..... Kynzie's Birthday!

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