Monday, July 6, 2009

Maddie's 1st Fish

Maddie got a really cute pink fishing pole for her birthday and last week Matt decided to take her fishing at the pond by our house. They went to Wal Mart and bought worms and some snacks for them and headed to the pond. They got all set up in their chairs and were having a great time. Matt showed Maddie how to put the worms on the hook and cast the pole in the water. After about 20 minutes they had a bite! Matt realed the fish in and got it on the dock. The only thing Maddie could talk about was the bleed (how she says blood) that was coming from his mouth. Matt said it was a pretty good size catfish. Matt asked Maddie if she wanted to touch it and she was going to and then it started flopping around and scared her so Matt ended up just throwing it back in. I really wish Matt would have gotten a picture but I was at work so once again no pictures were taken.

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