Monday, July 6, 2009

Potty Training

This is the proud little face of a potty trainer! I decided that since I had Friday off that I would start the potty training process and try and hit it hard for the three day weekend. Friday morning, we woke up and put the pull up on and the process began. This picture was taken that morning. She did really great all morning until she had to poop. I was getting ready and her and Maddie were playing in Maddie's room when all of a sudden I hear Maddie starting yelling at her, "NOOOO Kynzie you need to poop in the potty!" I ran in there and grabbed her but it was too late, the deed had been done! We then again put a new pull up on and started over. Things were going well again and then I needed to run out to my summer camps and check on them. Matt was helping a friend move so I had to take the girls with me. Well.... there went the potty training. After we got home it was lunch and naptime and then as soon as Kynzie woke up we all went out to the aquatic center for the rest of the afternoon. Who knows what she did out there :) ha ha!! As soon as we got home, we changed and headed to the gym to watch the MAYBE basketball games that night. She actually did do pretty good at the gym because I think she was bored so going to the bathroom was something to do. She went three times while we were there and once at the restaurant after the games. Saturday was just as busy for us. We were in and out all day long so it was hit and miss with her. Just when I think she's not ready and I'm ready to give up, she will just come up to me and say "potty" and I'll take her and she'll go! So, we'll see how this process goes. I think it will be a longer process than it was with Maddie. When we decided to train Maddie, it took 2-3 days and she was DONE! We might do a more passive approach with Kynzie.
*UPDATE* Matt is at home with Kynzie today and he has been giving me the play by play through text messages all morning. His first text said that Kynze came to him and said "potty" and her diaper was still dry and she went and sat on the potty and went. The second text was the same thing. She still had a dry diaper and she said she had to go potty and she went again!! That's not fair, I try all weekend with her and then Monday morning Matt is just having the best experience with it. I told him that he needs to be the one to train her from now on! We'll keep you updated.

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