Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sick Baby

Oh where to begin? My poor poor baby McKynzie has been sick all week. She got "Hand Foot and Mouth" disease from a little boy at her daycare. Maddie had this when she was about Kynzie's age but it never affected her like it has poor Kynze. She has sores all over her mouth and the poor thing has not been able to eat or drink anything for the last two days except yogurt sticks and one bowl of chicken noodle soup. Last night we had to give her water through a medicine syringe so she doesn't get dehydrated. This is the saddest thing to go through watching your little one be in so much pain and there is nothing that you can do for her. And anyone who knows Kynzie knows that her favorite thing to do is EAT, so this has to be soooo hard for her. Dr. said the sores should go away in 3 to 6 days and we are on day 3.5 so I'm hoping things will start getting better real soon. I don't think I can take much more of this. Matt and I have taken turns each night sleeping with her..... so glad we got her big girl bed up (crib might have been uncomfortable :). I've also had strep this week which made it really hard for me at times to take care of a really sick kid when I didn't feel well either. Matt had training for his new online job this week so I have been staying at home. Maddie has been amazing through all of this. She is so sweet to Kynzie and such a big help. The other night she wanted to pray for Kynzie and me and she asked God to "please make mommas throat go away" it was too cute. Well Maddie has gymnastics tonight and I'm sure Matt and I will fight over who gets to take her because it is not fun at all being home with crying Kynzie. Please pray for her to get better SOON!!

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